Welcome, we are so pleased you have taken the time to enjoy a small taste of what our bakery has to offer. We apologize, but we do not sell online. Instead, we intend for this to be an appetizer for your main course visit to our bakery.

All of our bakery treats are made with organic flour and we never use corn, wheat or soy. All of our treats are licensed by the Indiana State Chemist and Seed Commissioner at Purdue University. We are constantly baking and have a selection of bulk as well as specialty treats available.
Celebrating a birthday? We can have a cupcake decorated and ready for you in just minutes. If you are looking for a flavor that we are not currently baking, we are happy to bake exclusively for you and your fur kid one pound at a time. Please take the time to go over our menu and make your selection from our offerings.

We take quality control very seriously so we have developed a philosophy that continues to grow and evolve as science does. The foods we research and currently stock at Bella Dog Bakery, are made in their own plants in small batches where quality can be closely monitored. If for some reason the foods we currently stock begin to be outsourced then we feel the need to review our commitment to that company. The raw food we stock is actually made in a USDA inspected and certified human plant.
Just because we don't stock a food, doesn't mean we are not willing to make exceptions and special order a food of your choosing. If our distributor's carry it, we are happy to order it. (Please note, with special orders we will expect payment at the time of your order.)

As our name implies, we are a dog bakery but we know that most households that have a dog often have a kitty as well. So of course we have foods and supplies to help make you Purr Kid happy and comfortable.